With the huge number of scams on the internet with regard to trading, it is never easy to prove a track record. As articles get written for (the list of most recent articles is also available here:, which is a third party site, they are probably the best verified demonstration of how the Straight Talk Trading methodology works – the good, the bad and the ugly. As older articles tend to disappear from the biography page, this page will provide a complete list of the links, as well as comments on how they worked out.

24th Apr 2014: A “Steamroller” AUD/CAD Trend That May Soon Reverse

22nd Apr 2014: A EUR/CHF Short with Very Low Risk Profile – This was one of those testy trades. The first trade should have yielded either a breakeven or a small loss, and the second trade went better than 2:1, and should have more than made up for it. Net profit. Result available here.

17th Apr 2014: 4 GBP/AUD Signals That Favor the Downside – This yielded two frustrating trades. One went reasonably in the direction, but would have yielded a breakeven result. The other was a net loss due to choppiness. Net loss. Result available here. 

16th Apr 2014: A EUR/GBP Set-up with Confluent Long Signals – The first entry failed due to market choppiness, but the second went better than 2:1, yielding a net profit. Net profit. Result available here.

8th Apr 2014: A CAD/JPY Pattern Two Years in the Making – Although not the runaway winner one would hope for, this trade went a good ways on the second entry, more than making up for the first trade. Net profit. Result available here.

4th Apr 2014: NZD/CHF Set-up That’s Common Yet Controversial – This was a trade where everyone should have made money, regardless of entry. Only the first entry was considered, but the other two would have done even better. Net profit. Result available here.

2nd Apr 2014: EUR/NZD Trade That’s All About Momentum – This trade yielded a nice net profit immediately as it went better than 1:1. Net profit. Result available here.

28th Mar 2014: A Long Set-up Rarely Seen in GBP/CAD – This trade unfortunately got stopped out twice before roaring into profit. Those who took the third trade would have been very please indeed! Net loss. Result available here.

27th Mar 2014: A GBP/JPY Set-up That Literally Requires a Second Look

26th Mar 2014: A “Classic” CAD/CHF Set-up with a Modern Trigger

24th Mar 2014: An AUD/JPY Channel Set-up with “a Twist”

21st Mar 2014: 3 Valid Ways to View the Same AUD/CHF Trade

20th Mar 2014: 2 Distinct Chart Scenarios, But Just One NZD/CHF Trade

18th Mar 2014: EUR/AUD Long with 3 Degrees of Confirmation

13th Mar 2014: Controversial Pattern, But a Clear NZD/CHF Trade

12th Mar 2014: A Triangle-Inspired Elliott Wave Short in GBP/AUD

11th Mar 2014: An Ultra-Nimble EUR/CAD Scalp Trade

10th Mar 2014: 2 Current Patterns Rarely Seen in GBP/JPY

7th Mar 2014: A GBP/AUD Long That May Trigger Again

6th Mar 2014: GBP/CAD Set-up with Plenty of Confirmation

5th Mar 2014: Trading a Potential False Breakout in CAD/JPY

4th Mar 2014: An (Almost) Textbook Swing Trade in CAD/CHF

3rd Mar 2014: A Very Selective Short Opportunity in AUD/JPY

26th Feb 2014: GBP/CHF Triangle Pattern with an Elliott Wave Twist

25th Feb 2014: A EUR/JPY Set-up That Flew onto the Radar

24th Feb 2014: A Textbook Buying Opportunity in EUR/CAD

19th Feb 2014: A GBP/CHF “Reaction Zone” That’s Triggering Right Now – This trade went into profit immediately, possibly to the disappointment of traders who were unable to hop on in time. They may take solace in the fact that it only provided a relatively small profit. Net slight profit. Result available here.

18th Feb 2014: A EUR/GBP Short That May Trigger Any Moment – This proved to be a difficult trade entry that would have tested most traders’ patience, but those who did take the divergence entry would have been rewarded. Net profit. Result available here. 

17th Feb 2014: Popular AUD/CAD Pattern That May Not Work This Time – The first trade would not have been taken due to the size of the trigger bar, which would have resulted in an unfavourable entry. Both subsequent trades, particularly the second one, would have delivered excellent profits. In fairness, only the first of the profitable trades is considered to have been taken for this record, and thus it is a net profit. Result available here. 

14th Feb 2014: A Nimble Trend Trade in AUD/NZD – Nimble trend traders would have gotten a nice profit out of this trade. Net profit. Result available here.

13th Feb 2014: An AUD/NZD Long Entry with a Surprise Twist – This was another situation in which price ran off without providing a proper entry. No trade. Result available here.

11th Feb 2014:  A GBP/CAD Short That Dispels Classic Technical Methods – Price unfortunately ran off without providing an entry. No trade. Result available here.

7th Feb 2014: An Apparent False Retest in AUDJPY – This trade ran before touching the resistance zone, and thus should not have been traded. However, in fairness to readers of the article, who would have taken it anyway, the one trade that did trigger was counted a small loss. Result available here.

5th Feb 2014: Classic EUR/AUD Trade with an Elliott Wave Twist – This was one of those situations where the anticipated move occurred, but the first turn yielded no divergence, and the second signal occurred on a candlestick that was too large to make risk manageable. No trade. Result available here.

4th Feb 2014: An AUD/CHF Short That’ll Test Your Mettle – This was a trade that worked out perfectly on the hourly chart, which was the focus of the article. It did not go far, but it was a clean trade that gave a good result quickly. Net profit. Result available here.

3rd Feb 2014: EUR/CAD Pullback That Works Across the Board – This was one of those situations where support kicked in just before it was expected, and held surprisingly well. No trade. Result available here.

31st Jan 2014: NZD/CAD Long That Challenges Conventional Wisdom – This is one situation in which the result may vary for different traders. The first trade off the zone indicated resulted in a net profit. Thus, no further trades were taken. If the second and/or the third trade had been taken, the result might have been a net loss. Nonetheless, the rules this track record is being assessed on worked favourably in this case (just as it has worked unfavourably in others), and hence it is marked as a profitable trade. Net profit. Result available here.

30th Jan 2014: Nice Pullback in a Massive GBP/AUD Uptrend – This setup produced two trades. The first was a loss and the second was a good profit. Net slight profit. Result available here.

28th Jan 2014: EUR/JPY Approaches Major Reaction Point – This is a rare example of a near perfect double top. It did not stop out the trade but instead roared into profit after a retest of the high. Net profit. Result available here.

27th Jan 2014: “Classic” Long Set-up in EUR/CAD – This trade resulted in an instant net profit on a bullish engulfing pattern. Net profit. Result available here.

25th Jan 2014: A EUR/GBP Short That Requires Patience and Precision – Readers who followed the suggestion to skip the first divergence signal and take the next one would have been extremely pleased. This trade went 10:1 very easily. Massive net profit. Result available here.

23rd Jan 2014: Trading a Rare Diamond Pattern in NZD/CHF – This was one of those instances where the market mercifully broke support without giving a trade. No trade. Result available here.

22nd Jan 2014: Countertrend GBP/JPY Set-up That’s Too Tempting to Ignore – This trade was a beauty. It roared 15:1 with hardly any pullback. Massive net profit. Result available here.

20th Jan 2014: A EUR/AUD Entry Signal That’s Flashing Right Now – The first entry indicated did not trigger before running into profit. Of the remaining two trades, there was one loss and one gain, but the gain was 2:1. Net profit. Result available here.

17th Jan 2014: Two Triangles, One AUD/JPY Trade – Not everyone would have had the same results trading this. There was a questionable gap down signal that was not taken into account because it did not fall within the strict rules of the Straight Talk Trading methodology. Over the other two trades that did legitimately trigger, this produced a nice gain. Net profit. Result available here.

16th Jan 2014: Gartley-Validated Intraday Set-up in GBP/CAD – This trade did not trigger, which was a pity because it ran like the wind just before touching the support zone. No trade. Result available here.

15th Jan 2014: An Intraday Spike Opportunity in AUD/CAD – This trade was unfortunate in that price was just choppy enough to trigger two trades before stopping them both out for full losses. Net loss. Result available here.

14th Jan 2014: An Intraday EUR/JPY Short with Ultra-Low Risk – This trade never triggered. Price simply blew right through resistance. No trade. Result available here.

13th Jan 2014: Low-Risk GBP/JPY Set-up That Defies Momentum – This setup worked great. The first trade netted a small profit but the second went a long way. Net profit. Result available here. 

9th Jan 2014: Good Countertrend Set-up in GBP/NZD –This setup worked great on the third entry, but as only the first two entries were taken, this is being recorded as a net slight loss to keep the record fair. Result available here.

8th Jan 2014: A False Breakout Happening Now in CAD/JPY – This setup resulted in two trades – one loss and one gain. The loss was slightly larger, so this is a net slight loss. Result available here.

7th Jan 2014: A EUR/AUD Short with Room to Run – This trade produced a beautiful profit on the first entry. Net gain. Result available here.

6th Jan 2014: A Fascinating GBP/CAD Short Unfolding Now – This was an excellent couple of trades. The first entry was a stop out, but the second entry more than made up for it. Net small gain. Result available here.

3rd Jan 2014: A EUR/AUD Long That’s Just a Signal Away – This trade gave a perfect entry, but only a reasonable profit. Nonetheless, a gain is welcome in a lower probability environment. Net gain. Result available here.

2nd Jan 2014: A Credible Gartley Pattern in EUR/GBP – Price gapped past support without providing a trigger. No trade. Result available here.

31st Dec 2013: A CAD/CHF Short to Close Out—or Start—Your Year – This setup turned out to be a disappointing pair of losses to end the year on. Net loss. Result available here.

30th Dec 2013: A Chance to Enter a Raging GBP/AUD Uptrend – This setup gave a pair of trades – one loss and one smaller gain. Net slight loss. Result available here.

23rd Dec 2013: A Classic Short Set-up in CAD/CHF – This setup gave a runaway trade but did not provide an entry. No trade. Result available here.

20th Dec 2013: A High-Probability Set-up in AUD/NZD…Again – Although this setup did not produce the type of runaway gains that everyone likes to see, they provided two solid first-base profits. Net gain. Result available here.

18th Dec 2013: Intraday Scalp Set-up in AUD/NZD  True to the nature of a drawdown period, this setup provided two losses. This signals that the game is back to controlling losses and waiting for a large gain. Net loss. Result available here.

17th Dec 2013: Good Chance to Buy GBP/JPY on a Pullback – After a drawdown, this hugely profitable trade was extremely welcome. Even if traders had sustained five losses, the minimum gain from this was 10:1, and in fact could have been 20:1 for the daring, demonstrating the principle that one does not need high probability to come out ahead. Net gain. Result available here.

13th Dec 2013: A Near-Perfect Buy Set-up in GBP/CAD – Price became choppy upon entering this area of support. While it might still work eventually, it was wiser to limit the losses to two. This confirms the idea that the market environment is changing to an adverse one, which will require patience to wait out and also a decision to be made between whether to become more nimble with profit-taking or to ride longer moves. Net loss. Result available here.

12th Dec 2013: A Rare Reversal Pattern in AUD/CAD – This trade setup added two losses to a continued drawdown, which still indicates changing market conditions. In this market, consistent plugging away at the next trade whilst keeping losses small is important. Net loss. Result available here.

12th Dec 2013: Intraday Continuation Trade in EUR/AUD – This was another trade that ran off without an entry. Two trades of this type in a row indicates a change in market environment. No trade. Result available here.

11th Dec 2013: A EUR/GBP Short Most Traders Won’t Notice – This trade was one of those fabulous entries that never triggered. Price turned down within 5 pips of the resistance zone and thus invalidated the trade according to the guidelines of the article. No trade. Result available here.

10th Dec 2013: A “Bread-and-Butter” Trade in AUD/NZD – This was a disappointing setup, not least because price ran perfectly in the direction expected after just penetrating the resistance zone. It yielded two trades – one reduced loss and one slight gain. It was a net loss. Result available here.

9th Dec 2013: A NZD/JPY Long with Momentum on Its Side – This entry was practically textbook, and once it got going the trade did not look back. A very nice profit resulted from this setup, which rewarded traders who were willing to take it. Result available here.

5th Dec 2013: An Explosive GBP/CAD Move Consolidating Soon – This trade did not trigger on the 15-minute chart as expected, but gave a beautiful entry on the hourly chart, which was also accounted for in the original trade setup. Price ran better than 1:1 and thus gave a reasonable profit. Result available here.

4th Dec 2013: A GBP/CHF Trend Trade with 3 Clear Risk Factors –This was a tricky trade to enter on account of the large bullish candle. It went neatly to a very clear level of resistance and hesitated, giving cause for a profitable scale-out. The remainder of the position was exited for a loss. This trade is a small net loss. Result available here.

3rd Dec 2013: A GBP/NZD Set-up That’s Happening as We Speak – The first trade fizzled, but the second one more than made up for it, and quickly. Net profit. Result available here.

2nd Dec 2013: A High-Probability Short Play in AUD/CHF – This was a very quick and reasonable profit, but unfortunately the long consolidation area would have resulted in an exit that left money on the table. Nonetheless, it is a definitely profitable outcome. Result available here. 

29th Nov 2013: A EUR/CAD Trade That’s on the “Straight” and Narrow – This trade yielded a very quick and reasonable profit. The resistance area ultimately failed but traders would have kept out following the completion of the a-b-c portion of the Elliott wave cycle. Result available here.

27th Nov 2013: A Daring GBP/JPY Trade That’s Well Worth the Risk – This countertrend setup resulted in two losses and one gain, which was insufficient to set off the losses, thus giving a net loss. Result available here.

26th Nov 2013: 2 Real Barriers Facing GBP/CAD Longs – This was another trade that never triggered, which was a pity because it developed beautifully. Result available here.

25th Nov 2013: A “Classic” Short Set-up in EUR/GBP – This trade gave two entries. The first was a loss and the second trailed into a considerable profit, making this a slight net profit overall. Result available here.

22nd Nov 2013: A NZD/JPY Breakout with “Phenomenal” Profit Potential – This trade unfortunately never triggered. It came within a hair of the support zone and turned around before giving traders a chance to enter. Result available here.

21st Nov 2013: A EUR/NZD Pattern Rarely Ever Seen in Forex – This trade resulted in two losses – one was reduced due to a quick scale-out. Result available here.

20th Nov 2013: The Potential “Awakening” of EUR/CHF – This trade was a lacklustre one producing a breakeven trade. Result available here.

20th Nov 2013: A GBP/AUD Trade That’s “There for the Taking” – This was a beautiful trade that just bounced like a basketball on a bullish engulfing pattern as soon as it touched the support zone. Result available here.

19th Nov 2013: Long and Short Opportunities in AUD/CAD – The first trade triggered, giving a scratch trade, then broke slightly below the support before roaring up. It was possible to get on the trade up, but would have required some experience.

The short trade took two tries as well, but with phenomenal results! This trade is one for the history books. Result available here.

14th Nov 2013: A EUR/JPY Swing Trade That Could Keep on Running – Two trades. One loss and one scratch trade. Result available here.

13th Nov 2013: An AUD/CAD Set-up That’s Not for the Weak of Heart – No trade. This trade ran off in the direction before getting to a very conservative support area, which was projected with reasons explained in the article. This result, although not desired, was fully anticipated as a possibility, and so the thing to do would be to move on. Result available here.

12th Nov 2013: A CAD/CHF Long with Sky-High Reward – This was a rewarding trade for those who had the patience to keep an eye on it. Result available here.

11th Nov 2013: 2 GBP Trades That Validate Each Other – GBPAUD returned two losses and no further attempts were made. GBPNZD gave a quick but relatively small profit which partially offset the GBPAUD trades. Result available here.

8th Nov 2013 A Tempting GBP/JPY Trade You Shouldn’t Touch – This trade did not trigger – no harm, no loss, except for the trader’s patience being tested in waiting for it to trigger. Result available here.

7th Nov 2013: CAD/CHF Trend Trades for Any Risk Profile – This was a fantastic trade, considering it was counter to a news move, and it caught the top with amazing precision. Result available here.

6th Nov 2013: An AUD/JPY Trade with Huge Reward Potential – We heard a lot from you about this trade, so you already know that this was a HUGE profit, fast! Result available here.

5th Nov 2013: An AUD/CHF Set-up That Most Traders Dream About – The resistance zone worked beautifully, but price action was unclear. No trade. Result available here.

4th Nov 2013: A NZD/JPY Set-up That’s the Best of the Bunch – This short trade took awhile to develop but once it did it gave a medium-sized profit before turning up again. Result available here.

1st Nov 2013: A GBP/NZD Long Trade with Lots to Like – Two tries. One reduced risk loss and one profit. Net slight profit. Result available here.

31st Oct 2013: A GBP/CAD Trade That’s a Real Classic – Two tries at this trade yielded two losses. Support got blown through. Result available here.

30th Oct 2013: GBP/CAD: 60 More Pips That Are Tougher to Tackle – An excellent and profitable entry. Result available here.

28th Oct 2013: A “Textbook” GBP/CAD Pattern with a Hidden Twist – Another perfect entry. Result available here.

29th Oct 2013: An “Ideal” EUR/GBP Short Set-up – A perfect entry into a massive move. Result available here.

28th Oct 2013: A Tradable “3-Push” Set-up in GBP/CHF – This trade was a beauty, but unfortunately it did not go low enough for a proper setup – no entry. Result available here.

24th Oct 2013: A EUR/JPY Trade You Can’t Set and Forget – This trade sold the 15M high, with a second breakeven trade. Result available here.

22nd Oct 2013: A GBP/AUD Swing Trade That Can Play Out 4 Ways – This trade called a major bottom in the GBPAUD H4 charts. Result available here.



  1. I’ve been following these from the start with interest and particularly liked the GBPAUD trade – I took it with a 64 pip stop and am now trailing 1BL at the 100% extension almost 300 pips up.Fantastic series of set-up analysis – thank you!

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