About Us – Why This Blog Is Worth Thousands Or More To You…

We are traders who train traders. We don’t particularly care for the guff and nonsense that is sold for thousands of dollars to unsuspecting newbies, because quite frankly, it makes it difficult for people who are really good (like us, we hope) to stand out. So, this is a blog that gives away what most people charge thousands for.

It’s NOT going to be particularly organised, because we will write as we have time, but IF you dig, IF you put in the time to put things together, you will almost certainly be able to find valuable information to build your trading arsenal with. In spite of all the scams out there, there is better quality information on trading, especially in the forex markets, available today than 10 years ago. We made it through sheer grit and determination. We hope you can do the same.

If you believe you are one of the 5% destined to succeed in trading, and want to accelerate that process by 3-5x, then get in touch with us via the contact form at www.straighttalktrading.com. Personal mentoring is agreed on only after an interview to ensure you are a good fit for us. There is a limited number of spaces due to demand.

1 thought on “About Us – Why This Blog Is Worth Thousands Or More To You…”

  1. Your blog are amazingly wonderful. I have followed the intraday trick and it increased my confident and consistent profit. Thank you very much for the write-up.

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