Support and resistance did not work out so well in this latest action from the polls. Trump has now consistently broken his support/resistance zones fractionally before resisting them, and Clinton appears to have acquired this bad habit, as can be seen below. From an accuracy standpoint, this is definitely a minus. From a trading standpoint, it is a “no trade” situation as traders would not have acquired “triggers”, which is a sign that momentum was turning around, at either of these zones. Thus, we will continue calculating and anticipating the next zones.


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Given Trump’s tenacity in breaking levels, I am going to adjust the next support zone to account for that. Thus, his new support zone is at 36.91-39.17.

The method used in anticipating Hillary is the standard one. Although she did overshoot the previous resistance, one instance doth not a bad habit make. Her support zone is 42.31-44.22.


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