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In this update, we see that Clinton stayed (unsurprisingly) above the level of support we indicated before, which is at 45.18. Trump’s ratings took a little plunge. The low of 10th October is 40.8.

So, what’s next?

Well, let’s see if we can identify the next turning points. Clinton’s next resistance zone is at 49.62-51.61. That’s not too far away from her current recent high – 48.6. If she breaks through this, which seems unlikely, then she will have some clear space to run till the next resistance zone.


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Trump, on the other hand, in spite of his somewhat alarming recent drop, has two clusters of support at 40.74-41.36 and 39.6-40.24. Considering that he is already at 40.8, he will have to rally in the next day or two to catch his breath. If not, he will have to draw support from the 39.6-40.24. It is unlikely that he will drop much lower to the next support zone. My personal guess would be that the support zone which works for him will be the one that he is in at the time Clinton hits her resistance. Watch this space.